Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Phew...Life in Warp Speed!

When does life become complicated? When does it go from carefree to chaotic? To be quite honest, I don't have a drama-filled life at this point. I have a job. I have a few close friends (although it seems the number shrinks from year to year). My parents are alive and thriving. I have money to pay my bills and to play (yes, I should be saving more but with the direction our economy is taking, I don't know that stressing over saving is detrimental at this point). I have two, fabulous dogs! I'm single and have the time to "work on myself." Seriously, I have a great life, yet, I find myself getting overwhelmed and frustrated with circumstances happening in my life.

I have these moments where the sense of being overwhelmed completely surrounds me and my thoughts. This feeling saturates me to my core. This is where procrastination catches up with me and realize how much time I can waste (waste not, want not).

This is where stopping becomes helpful...STOP! Pray-meditate-write-be still! I know there is a reason that I live in this era of history, but there are times I wonder if I would have been better off in the early 20th century. The 21st century life moves at warp speed, and I find myself tripping and stumbling on my own feet just to stay above the proverbial water (I don't even like to swim nor have I really learned to do so).

I must find a way to deal with this sense of being overwhelmed and accepting life's fast pace; controlling what I can when I can and surrendering when I am unable to deal with something.

Okay...enough for now. Salut!