Monday, April 18, 2011

What Great Playing!

Good Things Arriving Daily...

I'm a believer in what you send out, you get back in spades. You curse a driver who cuts you off on the interstate, and you actually bring a curse upon yourself. You take a breath and say a prayer that comes back to you as well.

Each day I'm getting better at focusing on what I want instead of what I don't want, and good things arrive daily! I'm making a concerted effort to remain present when it comes to my body and my health. And, what happens? I receive free samples and healthy living information from Patricia Bragg. Yes, I requested this information weeks (and weeks) ago, and I almost forgot I requested it from her website. A few days ago, I thought about it for a few seconds then I get the letter in the mail today!!! I am quite inspired by the message she sends, and the information she discusses are all things I've thought about for my own life, my own quest.

She continues a health crusade that her father began, and I feel that my quest doesn't seem that silly after all! She recommends advice that seems a bit "out there," but if one stops and thinks about it, the information makes sense (and could transform one's life!)....

For example: she recommends fasting once a week (still taking an apple cider vinegar tonic 3 times daily) in order to help the body cleanse and heal; choosing "clean" and organic foods (releasing fattening & greasy foods, white flour, white sugar, hydrogenated oils, fructose corn syrup, etc.); simple exercises EVERYDAY; authentic sleep; etc.

Essentially, simple! simple! simple! I have been desiring this in my life for a long time, and I'm getting the resources in order to be able to establish this in my life. Too extraordinary! God is good!

Before I part this evening, I want to wish my Catholic family a happy Holy week! I pray it's full of blessings!

~Shabby Chic Lady

Sunday, April 10, 2011

The Week Ahead...

This week should be an interesting one. I have a hair appointment on Tuesday at 7:30 in the evening (too close to bed time but it's merely a trim so shouldn't take too much time). There is the "great confession" on Thursday at my church which I think would be great to go to so I can get some spiritual monkeys off my back and maybe start going back to mass...

From haircuts to confession...equals an interesting week for me. I hope for the energy and the focus to get through this week. I'm 32 years old, and I feel at times I have the energy of a sick 90 year old. I will focus on getting more energy! Focus on the healthy and good things to do.

I actually don't feel like blogging right now...I'm too distracted...Happy Sunday!

Saturday, April 9, 2011

My New Home...

Okay, so I found this while searching "cottage homes," and I fell in love with this picture. One day, I'll be living in a cottage inspired by this picture! You don't see it in the picture, but there's a little stream that flows behind my house and the most beautiful wildflowers that cover my backyard like a colorful and thick blanket. Inside, you'll find 2 sleeping dogs in front of a roaring fire at the fireplace...Also, when you enter my home, it's a shabby chic haven full of furniture, pictures, and accents that make you feel cozy, happy, and peaceful. You'll definitely want some hot tea and good conversation.

You may call me a dreamer, but I'm not the only one=)

Adding More Shabby to My Life

A new day...full of new blessings! I woke up, fed the puppers, then, added a couple of more hours to my sleep account. Around 6:30...awake and ready for the day. I took Piper for a 45 minute walk, and it was a splendid time! Spring had most certainly arrived~a sky filled with brilliant pinks and oranges as the sun rose, birds singing their new day songs, the aroma of tulips and daffodils following us during our walk, and all the trees budding and blooming to welcome this season full of nascent possibilities!

After a sugary breakfast (cupcakes and Starbucks...enough said), I watched Voyage of the Dawn Treader (Chronicle of Narnia series). Confession, I cried like a baby when Reepicheep (a brave mouse warrior who put down his sword to enter his Lord's domain) went to Aslan's kingdom in order to see it with his own eyes...beautiful! Sadly, Hollywood left out the Lamb allusion, but at least they kept the line about Aslan being known by another name in the Pevensie's world (Earth)....

Now, I am waiting on my bookshelf to dry so I can begin antiquing it!! Another piece of my Shabby Chic life. Tonight I'm going out with a few friends from church, then, I will finish Outlander (wow! great story....this is a must read!) tonight to see how Jamie and Claire survive...

Scattered and random writing today...reflection of how I'm feeling this day I suppose.

Remember to say thank you!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

NKOTBSB - Don't Turn Out The Lights ([Video] New Song 2011 [Full Version])

Had to post this!!!! FUNNNN!

Falls...Gets Back up Again...

Yesterday I gave in to ED's seduction, but the affair lasted for but a moment, and today I am in control!! I fell quite violently, but I'm back on my feet and ready to create this life of mine (with God by my side of course because allowing Him to be in control allows me to make the choices that will lead to my dreams!)...

I took Piper for a 30 minute walk this morning, stayed positive at work, and took both dogs for their walk at the stream. I fixed spaghetti and sauce for dinner, had some mini KitKats for dessert, and took care of a few things for work and personal. I always feel content when I do what I'm supposed to do (I feel accomplished).

I told a friend of mine of couple of weeks ago that I felt a stirring in me, and I know I'm on the right track. When I feel that stirring, I know I'm where I am meant to be on this quest of mine!!!

Looking forward to a nice evening at home~

Take care and grow where you're!

P.S. An ode to my adolescence...NKOTBSB (okay, so I didn't know who the Backstreet Boy's were till recently but I have to support my first love: NKOTB=) And, yes, I confess, I downloaded the new single on ITunes!)

Monday, April 4, 2011

【HD 720p】Joss Stone - Free Me on Dancing with the Stars 2009

A Good Day

I am enjoying this day! I began with a 20 minute walk/jog with my dog this morning; a Swing routine; and a cool down stretch to Joss Stone. I had a good breakfast, some Ricori with toast (plus some peanut butter & banana & apricot jam). I took my multivitamin and had a good lunch. I even...wait for it...fixed my dinner (steamed red potatoes with cheese and deli chicken). It was simple but homemade and yummy! I had raspberry yogurt with ground flax and walnuts for dessert!

I took my dogs for their walk near the stream and enjoyed an approaching thunderstorm on the back deck. I'm getting ready to unwind for the evening. I didn't sleep well last night; my sleeping schedule was a bit off, but I'll get back on track tonight. How I Met Your Mother comes on tonight, then, I'll be off to dream land (after reading a few pages of Claire's adventures with Jamie...Outlander...good times! SPOILER ALERT: Still can't believe she didn't choose to go back to her time!!!).

Looking forward to a calm and relaxing sure to say thank you today! Write a gratitude works wonders!

Take care~

Sunday, April 3, 2011

My View...

I really do enjoy being able to look at this any time I choose!! Blessings abound!

Sunshine and My White Wicker Rocker!

What a gorgeous day! The sun is shining in all its glory while a cool, gentle breezes passes by every now and again. The stream behind my house is steadily running its course, and the dogs are basking in the sun's warmth. I couldn't ask for a better day!

I have completed 3 hours worth of grading, and I am now going to enjoy the remainder of the day!! I look forward to watching the sunset from my back deck as I rock back and forth in my white wicker rocker...I will take the time to say my thank you's and focus on the good week ahead of me. I will dwell in that special time called twilight!

The view from my office window is picturesque...the grass is boldly green and almost sparkles against the back drop of the light blue sky. The water shimmers like dancing diamonds as it flows over the rocks and tree roots. The dandelions decorate the blanket of green with their lively yellow blooms. A few trees are beginning to show their colors especially the Bradford Pear trees and their white, delicate flowers. The branches of the trees sway to and fro in the breeze bringing this masterpiece to life. Nature is a sacred gift!!

The stream keeps flowing. The trees keep growing. The flowers keep blooming. The sun keeps shining. Nature doesn't complain about its tasks nor the ebb and flows of each season. We humans could learn from her. We could learn to enjoy each moment of each season and realize that each season brings its own sets of gifts and challenges. We must be faithful in our duties and believe that the good will always come to us...

I treasure these moments where I feel at peace, where nature calms the madness of my thoughts. Savoring nature helps me to realize that life is sacred and is meant to be lived not merely tolerated. I will take this moment with me throughout the week...returning to this sacred space in my mind. I will focus my thoughts here...

Saturday, April 2, 2011

The Outlander Series

I enjoy historical fiction, so Diana's stories are great, and they have a sci-fi twist! I have quite a bit of reading to do to complete the series, but I'm looking forward to it!

The Secret...not so secret

My parents bought me the book The Secret, and I'm already half way through reading it. Essentially, ask and you shall receive as long as you believe. Christians have known this secret for a bit over 2,000 years now=) Of course, the author and her many contributors also discuss the Law of Attraction which is compared to any law such as gravity or the Earth's rotation that keeps us from spinning into the abyss. Like attracts like...therefore if one thinks he or she has bad luck, then that person will attract bad luck. If one thinks they are successful they will attract success. I believe this makes a great deal of sense...

Okay, so I tried it in Target today. I had my mind on finding the Karate Kid DVD for cheap...when I walked in the store, I didn't see the movie on the cheap-y rack, so I made way to the back of the store to the electronics section, and I didn't see the DVD there either. I continued with the shopping I needed to do (you know, cotton pads, bottled water, etc.), and on my way to the check out stand I decided to check the cheap-y rack one last time. To my "secret" joy, there it was, the only copy, The Karate Kid DVD for $5!!! I didn't give it much thought except, yeah! I can watch The Karate Kid tonight!

As I was reading The Secret, I realized I attracted that movie that I wanted to watch. It wasn't on the el cheap-o rack upon entering the store but I didn't stray from my desire to find it. I'm certain one of the sales associates restocked it, and I was the one to find it upon leaving the store...God is good=) Even in the smallest of things...

I know many people poo-poo the notion of the "Secret" because society doesn't buy into the notion of the New Age movement, but I think, based on what I've read thus far, that it's more than "new age." I think God has been teaching us this so-called Secret since the dawn of His creation...His thought...His word...we are manifestations of God's Love! Love...the secret...we simply must follow Love's direction!

Seems almost too simple, but I think there in lies the beauty of the secret, of love!! God didn't want to put us on some wild goose chase for some ancient, encrypted message...It's been there all along! I'm abundantly grateful to Him for making it so clear!!

I would recommend reading The Secret with an open mind (I know I always rename "the universe" God because that's my belief...I think God is much more personal and intimate than the "universe" that the book discusses so I read it with my lens of faith in a loving, personal God). I also recommend the Outlander series by Diana Gabaldon!!! I have just begun the time traveling journey of Claire, but I like it so far!!

Enjoy the sunset and be grateful!! Write a list of thank you's before going to bed!

Friday, April 1, 2011

A Giving in moment yet moving forward....

I'm beginning to have more good days than bad on this quest of mine, but when it's bad, it's tres bad! My need for control and self medicating can be consuming, and I still give in to ED's (Eating Disorder) food seduction. My feelings for control and comfort are the open doors that ED loves to take advantage of in order to get me entangled in that food-guilt-food cycle. The ties that bind between ED and me are beginning to unravel (slowly but unraveling nonetheless), and it seems ED is making last ditch efforts to keep me stuck in his web of sugary delights and high carb fantasies! This tete-a-tete with ED always leaves me with a sense of being know that feeling when your car breaks down in the middle of nowhere, and you forgot your cell phone? Yeah, that kind of stuck!

Fortunately, God doesn't need cell phones or technology in order to be called upon in times of need (or being stuck). God is much stronger than God (and a lot more loving to boot); I know He's all around simply waiting on me to hand over the proverbial reigns (and the cupcakes, candy bars, french fries, etc.)! Therefore, in the midst of giving in and feeling stuck, I choose to allow God to help me through the painful parts...upset tummy, lethargy, and mind fog. I know I can begin anew! My thoughts eventually create my reality, so this time my thoughts are focused on for my God, love for myself, and love for the people around me!

Therefore, McDonald's run and gas station stops be damned! I am in control of my life, and you have no control over me...This moment is what matters and I will march onward on my quest without guilt or apprehension!

The quest continues...

~Shabby Chic Lady

Monty Python - Silly Job Interview

And, here is my welcome back video for my public speaking times!

Flight of the Conchords Ep 8 'Foux Da Fa Fa'

This will be my student's welcome back from Spring Break video!!!! Too cute! Foux de Fa Fa indeed!