Thursday, January 27, 2011

Breaking Dawn I Countdown!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Strength Training

I woke up this morning determined to complete a Biggest Loser upper body strength training! My arms feel like mush...I guess it's been a while since I lifted my bright pink dumbbells!!!

As I was working my upper body (tricep dips, upright rows, hammer curls, etc.), I received a text that we're on a 2 hour delay, so I can now take my time this morning....

A strong cup of espresso (with a touch of 1% organic milk), read my devo, a cup of coffee (sans milk), eggs for breakfast, play time with the puppy, and time to write on my blog=)

What is the point? The point is that each morning we wake up, we never know what will happen (like a 2 hour delay), but we have a choice at every moment we breathe to commit to doing the things that keep us healthy, feed our spirit, and bring us a simple joy (espressos!).

I think we should bask in the moments that make us feel peaceful or calm!!

I hope everyone can have a moment of peace this day...with a myriad of global events happening such as the Tuscan tragedy, major weather events like the floods in Australia, the economic see-saw in most nations, etc. I just hope and pray that every human being can have a moment in their minds and hearts where they feel a peace and calm that can only come from one source...our Creator!


Wednesday, January 12, 2011

My Trip to France

I don't think I wrote about my trip to France this past summer...despite the tour being disorganized via the company we chose to use for the excursion, I had a memorable time with my high schoolers! We made the most of our whirlwind and unorganized experience. I basked in being in cities where the queens and kings of old used to reign. I felt honored to stand in the very place Saint Joan of Arc (Jeanne d'Arc) was burned at the stake for being accused of witchcraft (utter injustice since she fought so valiantly in order to crown the king of France and unite the country she deeply loved). I savored walking down cobblestone streets where Leonardo DiVinci used to roam. I delighted in learning the history of the castles and cathedrals we visited all while looking at rooms and paintings and relics of old....

All the cliche tourist attractions even made me smile...looking at the city of Paris from the top of the Eiffel Tower, having a croissant and coffee at local cafes, and shopping for pastries and trinkets.

Humility was even experienced as we walked along the D-Day beaches seeing all the remains of a war that was terribly devastating to Europe. Meeting a WWII veteran at the American Cemetery was a blessing as he told his stories of his experiences flying in planes for the allies. Meandering through the WWII museum was all too somber and melancholy...looking into the eyes of Jewish children who never had the chance to grow old and see their earthly freedom.

The memories of this trip will always be remembered....

Snow Day Reflections!

I realize more and more how much our thoughts create the life we live, the life we experience...our circumstances are a consequence of what we think (for the most part...some circumstances are beyond our control but we still have the choice of HOW we react to the out-of-control in our lives)!!!

I have joined the Biggest Loser Club, and this has been a positive & proactive move on my part. I'm reading some inspiring posts in the BLC community forums and getting some great motivation from Bob's words of wisdom! I love that you can have meals planned for the week but you can modify to your personal tastes....

I'm going to try to keep my blogs more up-to-date, but I'm not making any concrete promises because my personal journal is more important (to me) than my public blogs, but I will try to copy my blogs from the BLC site so that those who read them won't miss out if they're not a BLC member...

I'm so excited I get to paint my toes today; it's a snow day so I'm stuck in my townhouse with nothing but what I want to do today!!!!